Local Experiences


What’s more enjoyable than to explore the beach on a board? Try Stand-Up-Paddling in order to enjoy the water and obtain some exercise simultaneously. You can rent SUP boards in Halikounas Beach or you can ask us to provide you some.


Clear your mind, reduce stress and get out into nature. There are plenty of intriguing trails to follow in order to discover the beauty of the area. The scenery offers a great route variety from total green landscapes into olive groves and traditional villages to vast beaches with dunes and cedar forest.


Halikounas wetland is a protected area that is a habitat for more than 120 different bird species, among them cormorants and flamingos. Take your binoculars and spend some time watching these unique creatures.


Explore the area by bike. There are a lot of unpaved routes and hidden paths to follow to get close to nature and breathe in some fresh air. Also, you can use your bike to transport to the closest villages and beaches.


In a short distance there are a lot of magnificent beaches to go swimming. All of them are sandy but in each of them the scenery has a different shade. The most famous are Halikounas and Prasoudi but there are also smaller ones like Kanouli and Skidi which provide more privacy.

Kite Surfing

Halikounas beach is the perfect place to feel active by trying to explore kitesurfing. If you already have your equipment you can enjoy the windy days and get a strong feeling of freedom. If you are a beginner or want to hire the equipment there is a licensed school that will provide you with all the useful information and teach you the basic skills.