Summer activities in Corfu

Summer in Corfu Town

The capital of Corfu sees a plethora of sights, tastes and events which are enjoyed by all.  The Venetian rule from the 14th-18th Century inspired the stunning architecture we see here today.  This combined with 2 Fortresses, narrow lanes called “Kadounia”, museums, numerous restaurants and, of course, shops galore means setting aside ample time for exploration.Spend your time admiring the pastel-colored homes with iron-wrought balconies and iconic wooden shutters.  Meander along cobblestone alleyways where fresh laundry flutters in the breeze above until you find your way to open plazas filled with cafes and restaurants which cater to all pallets. Corfu town is a place where past meets present in a delightful dance of the ancient and the metropolitan.

Tours can be booked for either individuals or groups to give you those added tips and insights into this town rich in culture and heritage.

Sailing in Corfu

Allow experienced Corfiot skippers to take you to the untouched! Cruise the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea with captains who boast extensive knowledge of the must-sees and hidden coves of Corfu.  Discover historic landmarks while taking in stunning views of Corfu Town and the Fortresses set against a mesmerizing sunset.  Venture even further if you have the day free to one of the other 3 jewels of the Ionian Sea. Antipaxos and Paxos give you the famous Blue Caves and picturesque villages dotting the shoreline. If Brooke Shields wowed you in the Blue Lagoon, then take advantage of the chance to visit the site where the movie was filmed! Sivota island gives you the blue lagoon, where crystal-clear, aquamarine waters lap the shore covered in fine white sand.

Private yachts and boat tours are available for both group outings and private bookings and are probably one of the most exciting ways to explore the whole of Corfu. You choose!

Wine Tasting Tours in Corfu

Corfu island is host to over 4 million olive trees, 95% of which are of the Lianoelia variety.  These olive groves have supported the Corfiates for many generations and are therefore a staple in diet, tradition and history of the Greek people. Besides being delicious, olive oil offers a multitude of health benefits as well. What better way to acquaint yourself with the locals than to learn about the production of olive oil?  This activity is perfect for all weather conditions making it the ideal choice during a heat wave or an unexpected downpour.  Let your taste buds sample exceptional flavor as your mind delves into the know-how perfected through time.  Meet the owners and experience a world you thought lost to the past.

Water Sports in Corfu

Try something challenging! Try something fun! Try water sports at the golden beaches nearby!  Northwesterly winds draw both experts and those willing to dip their toes in adventure to the beaches of Halikouna and Issos. A spectacular coast which gently slopes into the cooling waters of the Mediterranean Sea provides a perfect platform for all who want to add some spice to their vacation. Try standup paddling, windsurfing, or kite surfing with professionally trained instructors and clubs that operate in accordance with current safety standards. All equipment can be rented on location and private instruction is given.  And rest your worries, if you stray too far, a rescue boat is on hand!  However, for those who like to keep the “extreme” out of the sport, paddle boats can offer a more relaxing way to explore the coasts of Corfu.  Either way, dare to activate your senses in a perfect paradise!

Horse RidingHorseriding in Corfu

Young and old alike can appreciate entering a fairytale world on the back of a sturdy steed. Issos beach in Corfu offers just such an adventure.  Located on the edge of a salt water wetland, riders are engulfed in an untouched, pristine coastline. Nicknamed “The Sahara of Corfu” visitors will be awed by the dunes towering over this unique landscape.  Horses trot safely on firm ground as riders navigate through an ancient cedar forest and along the dunes. As an extra , wild orchids and rare birds add an extra exotic feel to your ride.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, you will enjoy an unforgettable outing along this magical terrain of Corfu.

Helmets are provided but long pants and closed-toed shoes are recommended. You can book for individual outings or in small groups of up to 6-7 people.


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Kanouli Beach in Corfu

Just 150 meters far from Almyra Villas, a beach with character awaits.  It is a 1 km long sandy shore dotted by rock formations.  However, winter storms sculpt the landscape here changing its shape every year. Meaning every year a new scene greats those who walk its shores. It is home to rare bird species due to its proximity to Lake Korission and, as it is an extension of Chalikounas Beach, it sports vast olive groves and lush vegetation. The waters here are crystal clear making it the ideal spot for diving and snorkeling. It maintains the picturesque feel of an untouched paradise as there are no tourist facilities on location. Please be aware that access to Kanouli Beach is relatively difficult as the staircase leading straight to the beach is embedded in a cliff that is a bit steep.

Kanouli Beach in Corfu is just 150 meters (0.1 miles) away from Almyra Villas in Chalikounas.

Skydi Beach in Corfu

Our guests searching for privacy on a totally unorganized beach will relish the chance to relax on Skydi Beach.  A small sandy bank located between Prasoudi and Kanouli beach 650m far from Almyra Villas, it offers visitors peace and tranquility.  Crystal-clear waters reflect the cleanliness of the area as no man-made developments are found here.

Skydi Beach in Corfu is just 650 meters (0.4 miles) away from Almyra Villas in Chalikounas.

Prasoudi Beach in Corfu

Roads that lead you to Halikouna and Lake Korission also lead you to Prasoudi Beach (1.2km far from Almyra Villas).  Prasoudi got its name from “Prasoulida”, which is a species of chives that grows on a cliff above the shore.  A small tract of golden sand, this luxurious beach is a local favourite.  Lush green hills and a long stretch of olive trees set the scene of tranquility, while the crystal-clear waters wash away the tension of the day. Families love the shallow depths and the organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas for hire. Vacation is made easy here with road access and local taverns sporting delicious seafood delicacies and traditional Corfiot cuisine. Prasoudi is a beach that has something for everyone!

Prasoudi Beach in Corfu is 4 minutes away from Almyra Villas in Chalikounas.

Chalikounas Beach in Corfu

Located just 3 km from our Private Corfu Villas, Halikounas is arguably the most impressive beach in the Southwest of Corfu.  The journey there is an adventure in itself as the road takes you through a midst of green rolling hills dotted by verdant olive groves, citrus orchards and vineyards.  Greece comes alive in this natural landscape and visitors can stop to buy fresh fruit, olive oil and house wine or have a home-cooked meal in one of the family restaurants nestled amongst the olive trees. History also makes its mark here as Gardiki Castle, a 13th Century Byzantine castle, can be found en route! Visitors are welcome to explore the ruins, wherein the walls still retain elements of its ancient structure, free of charge.

Once arriving at Chalikounas beach itself, one is met with a striking landscape.  Here a strip of golden sand separating the Ionian Sea and Lake Korission extends for 5 km.  No hotels or uncontrolled development mar the scenery. Instead you can enjoy the diverse landscape which boasts an ancient forest of Cedar and Cyprus trees, a lagoon behind the sand dunes and, of course, fine golden sand that seemingly melts into the aquamarine waters of the Ionian Sea.

Adventure enthusiasts will love the chance to engage in water-sports such as kite surfing, windsurfing and sailing. Winds pick up around 16:00 and the waters are cool and welcoming.  Equipment can be rented and lessons are provided by an expert team onshore. Nearby, there is a canteen which provides refreshments to quench your thirst and satiate hunger after a day in the sun.

Lake Korission

This famous saltwater lake is located just behind Chalikounas beach. Being the largest protected area on Corfu, 189 species of birds characterize the lagoon as a special protection area of avifauna.  Bird-lovers will cherish the opportunity to see eagles, hawks, herons, sand orchids, cormorants, whistles or even the rare flamingos visiting during their long migration.  Even more – this wetland provided archeologists with rare findings that pushed the dating of the prehistoric era back 400 thousand years earlier than scientists originally believed! Definitely a must-see!

Lake Korission in Corfu is 17 minutes away from Almyra Villas in Chalikounas.

Issos Beach in Corfu

One of the most phenomenal beaches on the island is Issos – a vast, virgin expanse of golden sand and enormous dunes from which the beach has been coined as “The Sahara of Corfu”.  Like its neighbours, Chalikounas and Lake Korission, it belongs to the protected ‘natura’ of Corfu.  A small, magical cedar forest lines the narrow strip that joins the two beaches and a path to the beach can be found that leads through the nature reserve around Lake Korission. Families with children and those who seek to be pampered will find some tourist facilities at the centre where they can rent beach equipment, sunbeds and umbrellas.

And for those with a taste for the extreme, winds whip up in the afternoon calling windsurfers and kite-surfers out to play with their siren song. A water sports center means no lugging of equipment as everything you need, can be rented on location.  Safety, however, is taken seriously as a life-guard tower offers protection to all visitors of the area.

But don’t rush off after your day of frolicking on the beach! As the sun goes down, the sky comes alive.  Stunning sunsets against a backdrop of mountainous dunes create unforgettable views in this pristine paradise.

Issos Beach in Corfu is only 19 minutes away from Almyra Villas in Chalikounas.

Almyra Luxury Villas are considered to be probably the best luxury villas in Corfu, ideal for families that want to enjoy a private villa.

Safety is no accident at Almyra Villas in Corfu.  With Covid 19 ever more present in our lives, making holiday plans can cause anxiety when it comes to choosing a vacation destination where the health of you and your loved ones won’t be at risk.  It is natural to seek out locations which are less crowded and that can offer you the peace of mind to unwind during your much-needed holiday – A place where you and your family are protected.

Almyra Luxury Villas offer our guests just that.  Corfu is reported as the 2nd safest travel destination in Europe with Halikounas beach itself, a mere 3 km away, ranking 6th on the list of the best and safest beaches in Europe. Why book anywhere else when Almyra Villa is a safe zone set in a paradise of sun, sea and pristine shores?

Villa in Corfu: Exclusivity & Privacy

Our Villas in Corfu are set a minimum of 150 meters far from the nearest neighbor and are cocooned in vast expanses of olive groves, giving our guests that much needed space to enjoy their stay, giving your family the ideal villa for privacy. Even better, Almyra’s Corfu Luxury Villas provide their guests with total autonomy.  Each villa is entirely enclosed and provides you with your own remote-controlled gate.  This offers our visitors complete seclusion to relax in during their stay.

Our private Villas in Corfu are for you and only you. There are no common spaces shared, no elevators, no large cafeterias and no overcrowded facilities.  This limits exposure and promotes complete safety. Allow yourself to wander our premises at a leisurely pace. No timetable will lock you in to when you eat or where you go. And no crowds will stunt your holiday.

Create new memories while laughing over a glass of wine or lounging by the pool and leave your worries behind.  Your family and friends will relish the chance to have access to the best of a private villa: your own private pool, private kitchen, private dining area and private garden – all exclusive to you!  In this way, guests experience all Corfu has to offer in the comfort of a home away from home.

Personalized Services in your Corfu Villa

Savour your stay and be pampered.  Why fight the queues when you don’t have to? Reduce the need to go out amongst the crowds by enjoying some of the extra personalized services each Corfu Villa has to offer.

GROCERY DELIVERY – A retreat should be just that – A Retreat! Most of us want an escape from our daily routine and to just take a day off.  Don’t let your vacation remind you of the duties you have back home. Don’t waste your precious and hard-earned holiday time spending hours looking for the macaroni and tomato paste in a foreign supermarket. Contact us and we will bring it to you.  Whether it’s toothpaste or bananas you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. So, stay at home, let your family enjoy their own private villa and pool and leave the work to us.

Private Chef in Your Corfu Villa

What can be more disappointing than that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that dinner hour is approaching and you must leave your relaxing lounge chair or interrupt that game of hide-and-seek with your kids just so you can slave away in the kitchen, preparing meals.  A vacation should be a vacation for everyone! Imagine being catered to by a private chef in your own villa, serving the best of Corfu dishes! Each chef is carefully selected and caters to all tastes and dietary needs. So, leave the cooking to us and fill your kitchen with fond memories of morning coffees and lingering chats.

Fitness & Wellness in Corfu

Is that extra glass of wine making you feel sluggish? Did that bowl of ice cream make it difficult to button your shorts? Why not stay fit during your holiday with our personal trainers? We collaborate with the best professionals on the island to keep your energy levels high and your clothes in place.  Whether you like the slower pace of yoga or the fast beat of Zumba, our instructors will keep you and your family in shape to enjoy your time in the sun.

For any of the above services, please feel free to contact us at:


Deep Cleaning

In the age of the Corona Virus, you are right to be concerned with hygiene.  Nothing is more important than the health of you and your family and when choosing your retreat.  It should be of top priority.  We take your concerns seriously and offer you a private villa, free from germs, bacteria and viruses. Regular disinfections are performed by trained staff twice a week. Special attention is paid to frequently touched surfaces which are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using ecological products.  We follow the guidelines that WHO and The Greek National Tourism Organization have laid out to guarantee your safety. Should you feel at any time the need for further cleaning this can be arranged by us.  We’ve got you covered in cleanliness.

Life is too short not to enjoy it! So take advantage of a safe holiday with a Private Villa at Almyra Villas in Corfu.  The serenity you experience here will be your Safe Haven.