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Best Luxury Private Villas with Pool, in Corfu

Best Luxury Villas in Corfu: Stunning, Large & Newly-Built!

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Almyra Luxury Villas are considered to be probably the best luxury villas in Corfu, ideal for families that want to enjoy a private villa.

Safety is no accident at Almyra Villas in Corfu.  With Covid 19 ever more present in our lives, making holiday plans can cause anxiety when it comes to choosing a vacation destination where the health of you and your loved ones won’t be at risk.  It is natural to seek out locations which are less crowded and that can offer you the peace of mind to unwind during your much-needed holiday – A place where you and your family are protected.

Almyra Luxury Villas offer our guests just that.  Corfu is reported as the 2nd safest travel destination in Europe with Halikounas beach itself, a mere 3 km away, ranking 6th on the list of the best and safest beaches in Europe. Why book anywhere else when Almyra Villa is a safe zone set in a paradise of sun, sea and pristine shores?

Villa in Corfu: Exclusivity & Privacy

Our Villas in Corfu are set a minimum of 150 meters far from the nearest neighbor and are cocooned in vast expanses of olive groves, giving our guests that much needed space to enjoy their stay, giving your family the ideal villa for privacy. Even better, Almyra’s Corfu Luxury Villas provide their guests with total autonomy.  Each villa is entirely enclosed and provides you with your own remote-controlled gate.  This offers our visitors complete seclusion to relax in during their stay.

Our private Villas in Corfu are for you and only you. There are no common spaces shared, no elevators, no large cafeterias and no overcrowded facilities.  This limits exposure and promotes complete safety. Allow yourself to wander our premises at a leisurely pace. No timetable will lock you in to when you eat or where you go. And no crowds will stunt your holiday.

Create new memories while laughing over a glass of wine or lounging by the pool and leave your worries behind.  Your family and friends will relish the chance to have access to the best of a private villa: your own private pool, private kitchen, private dining area and private garden – all exclusive to you!  In this way, guests experience all Corfu has to offer in the comfort of a home away from home.

Personalized Services in your Corfu Villa

Savour your stay and be pampered.  Why fight the queues when you don’t have to? Reduce the need to go out amongst the crowds by enjoying some of the extra personalized services each Corfu Villa has to offer.

GROCERY DELIVERY – A retreat should be just that – A Retreat! Most of us want an escape from our daily routine and to just take a day off.  Don’t let your vacation remind you of the duties you have back home. Don’t waste your precious and hard-earned holiday time spending hours looking for the macaroni and tomato paste in a foreign supermarket. Contact us and we will bring it to you.  Whether it’s toothpaste or bananas you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. So, stay at home, let your family enjoy their own private villa and pool and leave the work to us.

Private Chef in Your Corfu Villa

What can be more disappointing than that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that dinner hour is approaching and you must leave your relaxing lounge chair or interrupt that game of hide-and-seek with your kids just so you can slave away in the kitchen, preparing meals.  A vacation should be a vacation for everyone! Imagine being catered to by a private chef in your own villa, serving the best of Corfu dishes! Each chef is carefully selected and caters to all tastes and dietary needs. So, leave the cooking to us and fill your kitchen with fond memories of morning coffees and lingering chats.

Fitness & Wellness in Corfu

Is that extra glass of wine making you feel sluggish? Did that bowl of ice cream make it difficult to button your shorts? Why not stay fit during your holiday with our personal trainers? We collaborate with the best professionals on the island to keep your energy levels high and your clothes in place.  Whether you like the slower pace of yoga or the fast beat of Zumba, our instructors will keep you and your family in shape to enjoy your time in the sun.

For any of the above services, please feel free to contact us at:


Deep Cleaning

In the age of the Corona Virus, you are right to be concerned with hygiene.  Nothing is more important than the health of you and your family and when choosing your retreat.  It should be of top priority.  We take your concerns seriously and offer you a private villa, free from germs, bacteria and viruses. Regular disinfections are performed by trained staff twice a week. Special attention is paid to frequently touched surfaces which are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using ecological products.  We follow the guidelines that WHO and The Greek National Tourism Organization have laid out to guarantee your safety. Should you feel at any time the need for further cleaning this can be arranged by us.  We’ve got you covered in cleanliness.

Life is too short not to enjoy it! So take advantage of a safe holiday with a Private Villa at Almyra Villas in Corfu.  The serenity you experience here will be your Safe Haven.

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