The Area

Kanouli, Halikounas Corfu

Corfu Southwest still remains an untouched part of the tourist industry. There are no big hotels here and the area preserves its natural and authentic character.

Around Villas

Al-Myra is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and citrus orchards and it’s just few steps from the isolated Kanouli Beach. The mountain Gamelion is landscape’s dominant component. It took its name from the Greek word ‘gamos’ which means wedding as there it took place the wedding ceremony of the ancient king of Phaeaces, the ancient inhabitants of Corfu, Alcinoos.

A Pictuersque Village

At the foot of Gamelion Oros is amphitheatrically built the picturesque village of Aghios Matheos with its unique alleys. A beautiful path with holm oaks connects the village with the Holy Monastery of Pantocrator on the top of the mountain.

Halikounas & Korission Lake

Another must-see part of the area is Halikounas Beach and the Korission Lake which runs parallel to it. Korission Lake is a nature reserve and provides shelter for many rare bird species, flamingos and cormorants and different species of sand orchid. Also there is a magnificent ancient cedar forest along the dunes.

Halikounas Beach

Halikounas beach is an endless sandy beach, famous among kite surfers. On the way to Halikounas man will also encounter the Gardiki Castle, a 13th-century Byzantine castle where on its walls remain visible elements of its ancient structure.


27 km Airport
28 km Corfu Town
28 km Port
Nearest Villages
5 km Agios Matheos
7 km Messonghi
7 km Moraitika
150 m Kanouli Beach
650 m Skidi Beach
1.2 km Prasoudi Beach
3 km Halikounas Beach
3.5 km Paramonas Beach

*Note: The access to Kanouli Beach has a staircase that leads straight to the beach but bare in mind that the cliff is a bit steep.